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GP on Joystiq - Prez Candidate on Second Life: Smart Move or Political Suicide?

This week's The Political Game examines the long-term political fallout from presidential hopeful Mark Warner's recent campaign stop on Second Life.

Will it help position him as a tech-savvy and youthful candidate? Or will political opponents turn his Second Life visit against him? Should politicians dabble in the gaming realm at all?

Check it out...
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Washington Post Dishes on the Silly Side of Warner Second Life Visit

While much of the reaction - at least in the game community - to presidential hopeful Mark Warner's Second Life visit has been positive, there's undeniably room to poke fun.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank doesn't miss the chance in a witty piece titled Do You Have a Question, Pixeleen Minstral?. Milbank notes the confusion among reporters and Warner staffers in attendance - Second Life noobs for the most part:

"...the trouble began immediately for the Luddite staffers and reporters... They could not figure out how to make their characters, with names such as Shorewarz Zon and Pixeleen Minstral, take seats."
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Video of Presidential Candidate's Second Life Whistle Stop

Last week, presidential hopeful Mark Warner (D) wowed online gamers in a way that even WoW itself never has.

The former Virginia governor's ground-breaking visit to the popular MMO Second Life could be the first of many such appearances by politicians. Indeed, Warner himself will make a return trip to SL for a "virtual town hall" meeting in the fall.

GP has been hoping for some video of the event, and now we've got two for readers to check out. In the first clip Gov. Warner flies onstage - a trick even presidents can't pull off in real life.

Second Lifer Rik Riel has video of Warner being interviewed by journo Wagner James Au.

Reactions to Pesidential Hopeful Mark Warner's Second Life Visit

Reactions are still coming in to yesterday's visit by presidential hopeful Mark Warner to Second Life.

Chris Cillizza (we're guessing he's not a gamer) of the Washington Post called Warner's SL appearance "the strangest 'event' of the 2008 presidential race to date."

Cillizza also reported that "the virtual Warner flew onto the stage to make his remarks -a feat the real world Warner has yet to pull off (as far as we know)... Warner's online efforts shouldn't be discounted. His willingness to participate in a campaign event on Second Life shows that candidates are seeking to reach voters wherever they are - online and offline, in the real and virtual worlds."
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Likely Presidential Candidate Mark Warner Appears in MMO Today

When a presidential contender makes an appearance inside an MMO, it shows just how mainstream games have become.

Later today, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D) will become the first U.S. politician to create a character - publicly at least - in the popular MMO, Second Life.

The ex-Guv, who is expected to make a strong run at the White House in 2008, will make his appearance in-game at 3:30 Eastern time. Once online, Warner will announce the first-ever "virtual town hall on American politics," scheduled for later this year.

"In Second Life," said Warner, "distances and time differences vanish. It will allow us to reach people through a whole new medium. Social technologies can be great tools for political change, and virtual worlds like Second Life might be the next tool for engaging people in the real world democratic process. We want to use Second Life to continue the conversation about the direction of our country. My avatar is also pretty funny looking. That alone makes it worth checking out."
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Second Life Publisher Sued Ove Virtual Land

How real is your virtual world? Do you have any rights to the virtual property you've purchased, whether it be items, gold, or land?

One of the most contested trends in multiplayer online gaming is the ability to trade real-world cash for online goods. But do you really own those goods, which don't exist as much more than digital information?

Attorney Marc Bragg seems to think so, which is why he's suing Linden Labs, creators of Second Life, a popular Massively-multiplayer Online (MMO) game. Bragg alleges that Linden has denied him access to his virtual assets. The attorney has posted a press release about the suit on his website.

Bragg v. Linden Research, was filed May 1 in a local district court in West Chester, Pennsylvania. According to Wired, Bragg filed suit after Linden cut off access to his virtual estate (his "sims" or virtual land plots), which includes several nightclubs, and denied him access to his supply of Linden dollars (virtual cash), worth about USD $3,200.
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Wanted: MMO Ambulance Chaser - Apply Within

If David Edery's look into the future of MMO's is correct, players may soon need to add an attorney to their AIM or Xfire buddy lists.

Edery, who works with Dr. Henry Jenkins in the Comparative Media Studies Department at M.I.T., also pens the excellent Game Tycoon blog. In today's post Edery looks at potential legal liabilities in massively-multiplayer online games such as Second Life, World of Warcraft and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Noting a recent Terra Nova piece on the potential legal ramifications of Linden Labs' arbitrary decision to devalue virtual property in Second Life, Edery summarizes other legal entanglements which could eventually turn virtual worlds into a realm of lawyers. Edery's list includes:

- What happens when one player steals another player's property?

- What happens when players create content that infringes upon the copyrights or trademarks of real-world companies?

- What happens when players engage in 'legally indecent' acts? Can EA (developer of Sims Online) be sued for letting a ten-year old operate a virtual brothel? Can it be sued by players who suffer real financial damages at the hands of a virtual mafia?

- Can developers be sued for impeding free market forces that generate real monetary value for players?
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