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Utah Attorney General Calls for Retailers to Boycott "25 to Life"

For 25 to Life, the hits just keep on coming.

In the latest bad news for Eidos' controversial cops & robbers shooter, Salt Lake Weekly reports that Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff will ask retailers not to stock the game when it ships in 2006. Shurtleff thus joins Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as well as the families of slain police officers in his opposition to 25 to Life.

As reported on GamePolitics and elsewhere, on Monday Eidos canceled a planned October release date for the beleaguered game. The reasons behind the schedule change are not known. Of the delay, CEO Bill Gardner said cryptically that it was being done, "in the best interest of the business."

The Salt Lake Weekly took a dim editorial view of Shurtleff's position, saying in part, "With citizens' groups cranking up the family values meter, it isn't surprising that politicians who should know better are getting in on the act...Shurtleff, often a reasonable guy, appears to be running for something with recent moves to restrain trade of businesses he doesn't like. The AG says he'll ask retailers not to stock a video game, 25 to Life...Some police groups accuse it of glorifying crime, even if it's only a video game..."

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