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Jack Thompson Accuses Rockstar of...Parody

Not parody!

Yes, it seems so.

The Jack Thompson media machine was working overtime yesterday, as GamePolitics and other outlets received no less than five (!) e-mails from the Miami attorney and self-described "anti-game activist."

Among the e-mails was a press release, cc'd to the IRS and FCC, in which Thompson complained that Howard David, a talk show host on WQAM in Miami, quipped that some employees were dodging taxes. But the one that made GamePolitics larf dealt with Thompson's belief that Rockstar is lampooning him on the web site for its upcoming GTA Liberty City Stories for the PSP. The game is scheduled for an October 24th release.

Thompson's complaint, issued under the heading, "Rockstar Launches Web Site for Obscene Assault on Miami Lawyer Jack Thompson," concerns a series of fictional e-mails depicted on the game's promotional site, one of which is from "". GP leaves it for the reader to puzzle out the acronym of JT's fictional .org domain.

"When you click on the fake e-mail, banner headlined at the tope of the home page, from "JT," the Miami, Florida (Liberty City) anti-violent video game crusader, you will find that JT (Jack Thompson) likes to surf the Internet for pictures depicting deviant sex acts by teenage girls. Additionally, there is at the site an audio ad featuring a man whose name is "Jack" who is found naked by a mother in her son's room. Bisexual pedophile Jack Thompson is the combined message."

Thompson continues:

"Take-Two/Rockstar has created and paid for an actual Internet web site at for the purpose of furthering the notion that its most abiding and most effective critic, Jack Thompson, is himself a sexual pervert. This is the oldest dodge used by the porn industry, first used on Jack Thompson by radio pornographers whom Thompson got fined by the FCC in 1989...Jack Thompson can assure the world that the only thing to which he is "addicted" is eating entertainment industry scofflaws for breakfast - and golf."


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