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Close Encounters of the Jack Thompson Kind: GamePolitics Podcast #2

The GamePolitics podcast is back!

This time we've got a lengthy interview with none other than Jack Thompson. It should be available on iTunes, or through your RSS client. Go here for a direct download...


"There's nothing wrong with video games. Technology is always neutral... It's a powerful, powerful medium. I think that's in part why people are so passionate about it."

"The people at other companies ought to be more upset at Take2 than I's Take2 that's spoiling the technology in some ways for a lot of people."

"Unlike George Bush, I believe that original sin can rear its head in a corporate board room. That's our point in Alabama about Take2 and Sony..."

"No one in his right mind would say that the game Doom turned Klebold and Harris into sociopathic killers...the world is more complicated than that."

"I'm in favor of gun control...because the Second Amendment doesn't guarantee somebody the right to own and fire a bazooka down the street."

"To those to whom I've been rude, I apologize..."

"When I said about Doug Lowenstein that he's like Joseph Goebbels, none of that is to say that Doug Lowenstein is a Nazi...He's an extremist on his end of the spectrum far beyond any allegedly extreme position that I have..."

"There's going to be no meeting of the minds on any of this...Somebody's going to win this and somebody's going to lose."

"Jesus called the Pharisees liars, hypocrites and whited there's a usefulness in name-calling, as long as it's accurate."

"I have a great deal of respect for (National Institute on Media and the Family's) Dave Walsh...but Dave Walsh is uncomfortable because he has a different view of what I do. He's kind of the good cop and I'm maybe the bad cop...I'm more confrontational..."

"You've got certain organizations, and I won't mention any names, who really are in the "decency movement" on that side of the culture war...they act as if...they really don't want the problem to go away because the worse things get the more money they raise..."

"Of course (he sees video games as an art form). There's art involved. There are also some pretty bizarre stories being told and messages being taught...Take2 needs to understand that there is responsibility that goes with their art form."

"Within the video game industry I bet there's not five percent of the people are in positions of authority...who think that the Bully game is a good idea...the industry is setting itself up for a huge governmental incursion into artistic freedom...

"My goal is to wipe them out (Take2 and Rockstar)...maybe (Take2 CEO) Paul Eibeler and Howard Stern could have a mud wrestling match.

"I ran against Janet Reno in 1988. If I ever ran for anything again I'd need a divorce lawyer. I got that out of my system..."


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