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PS2 Hot Coffee Proven

Now we know who was lying, and it wasn't the mod community.

Thanks to Kotaku, GameSpot and an Action Replay cheat disc, it has been proven that the Hot Coffee animations are contained on the PlayStation 2 version of San Andreas, which isn't moddable.

Rockstar ought to be ashamed of themselves.

It's one thing to leave the code in the game, either inadvertently or just to be edgy. It's quite another to try to dissemble for weeks when called on your actions, and it's even worse to try to shift the blame to the mod community who are some of your biggest fans.

And that's not to mention the damage already done to your colleagues in the game industry. Their credibility has taken an underserved hit. You, on the other hand, got your credibility loss the old-fashioned way...

You earned it.

Tags: gta, hot coffee, rockstar
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