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Hot Coffee: Someone is Lying

We'd like a little truth with our Coffee, please.

And two sugars.

This story just gets stranger and stranger. GameDAILY BIZ reports today that despite its initial prolonged bout of no comment-itis, Rockstar now denies that the sex animations are present on the retail disc. However, in the next sentence, readers will find this juicy tidbit:

"One industry source close to the situation told GameDAILY BIZ that Rockstar was clearly on a path to an "AO" rating during development, but removed the graphic sexual content in order to earn the more retail friendly "M" rating."

Sooooo... does "removed" mean wiped out of the code, or simply toggled off, as Dutch game modder Patrick Wildenborg has been claiming? And is it the same sexual content contained in Hot Coffee? That would be nice to know.

GameDAILY BIZ goes on to say that "Rockstar issued a statement today implying that Wildenborg created the content in the mod. 'So far we have learned that the 'hot coffee' modification is the work of a determined group of hackers who have gone to significant trouble to alter scenes in the official version of the game. In violation of the software user agreement, hackers created the 'hot coffee' modification by combining, reconstituting, and altering the game's source code."

For his part, Wildenborg steadfastly maintains what he has told everyone all along, from GamePolitics to the AP to MTV: that he simply unlocked content already on the game disc.

Pardon us for being confused, but can't some disinterested party (put your hand down, Rockstar) with game programming skills peer into Wildenborg's mod and tell the world the truth? THIS IS NEW: Moments ago, GamePolitics heard from Wildenborg via e-mail. He told us that "With proper tooling and knowledge that will be possible."

But what type of tools, Patrick? Tell us more.

"...that all depends on what your goal is. You could use anything from a simple hex-editor to home-made tooling, but I think the investigators will figure that out themself."

When asked how he is holding up under such intense scrutiny, Wildenborg told GamePolitics, "I'm hanging in here, waiting for my 15 minutes of fame to end..."

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