Game Politics (gamepolitics) wrote,
Game Politics

GamePolitics Has Moved !!!

After 18 months on LiveJournal, GamePolitics is sporting a new look.

As of this past Monday, our new site was up & running. You'll still find us on the web at The new site uses WordPress for the blog portion, and has lots of new goodies...

For you LiveJournal die-hards, the bad news is that I'm not going to be updating the LJ any more. However, I will leave it active indefinitely as an archive.

Nor will I be unscreening comments. The need to do that was a big reason for the move.

The new site has an RSS feed as well.

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I'm having a bit of a brain fart -- where can I find the feed URL?
on the new site, at the bottom of the page...



13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

for the LJ faithful, i noticed someone already set up an rss feeder to your LJ friends page under gamepoliticsrss
Guess this will not get unscreened, but posting anyway.

*waves goodby to lj gamepolitics*
aw, I'll miss having this on my Friends page :(
now I need to figure out RSS
Is anyone going to make a LJ feed for it?
Is there an LJ syndication? If not yet, can someone make one?
Why not add a channel on LJ that points to the feed as well?
anyone made an lj feed yet?

Deleted comment

LJ users can just add gamepoliticsrss to their friends list, and nothing will change for them. It takes the RSS feed and turns it into Livejournally goodness.
Is there any way to set up the feed so that it displays on LJ?

I just signed up for an LJ so I could get this feed and comment!

Oh well. Least it's not like you're shutting down.
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