Game Politics (gamepolitics) wrote,
Game Politics

GP Server Switch on Monday

It looks like GP finally will move to our new format and new server tomorrow. If you'd like, you can check out the beta of the new look.

So, we will definitely have some amount of downtime, depending upon how smoothly the transition goes.

Forums will also go down at the time of the switch. I expect them to be back up later in the week.

Finally, LJ comments are disabled during the transition.

Keep your fingers crossed...

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Does the LJ commments section disappear tomorrow as well?
the old LJ will remain as an archive.

The new site has its own comments feature
Looks shiny.
This also means no more comment validation, but we still keep the Evil One out, right?
there are user banning options

rip lj
Tell me about it. The only reason I signed up for LJ was to post on GP and the VG Cats feed, which has also been down for a while.

Deleted comment

there will be an RSS feed, but not thru LJ... You'll need to d/l an RSS client. I like Feed Demon a lot, but there are many others.
Actually, LJ can syndicate RSS feeds, so we'll still be able to keep GP on our friends list, just in a different way.

We'll still be around!


13 years ago


13 years ago

If I can just request one thing? Would it be possible to put in the date headers for each group of articles?
I don't think the Wordpress themewe'll be using does that, although I can check
I might keep my account just for reference, but YAY!
I hope the new site dose not confuse me 0-o
I really hope the forums go back up quickly. I'll miss 'em.