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Australian Official Thinks Bully Rating Too Lenient

Some politicians in Australia are taking issue with the official government rating given to Rockstar's controversial Bully, or, as the game is now known outside of the North American market, Canis Canem Edit.

The West Australian is reporting that New South Wales Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt is concerned about what she considers an overly-lenient rating given to Bully by Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). Ms Tebbutt urged parents to keep the game out of the hands of their children, and has requested that the country's Attorney General review the classification.

"I'm concerned that its message for violence is undermining what we're doing in schools to counteract bullying," she said. "I also want (the A.G.) to assure me that everything that needs to be taken into account has been taken into account in this classification process."

Even before the ESRB assigned Bully a "T" (13 and older) rating, the Australian OFLC rated the game "M" for "Moderate Themes, Violence, Sexual References", which, under the Australian system means the game is recommended for players older than 15. No legal restrictions are placed upon its sale, however.

New Zealand rated the game "R13" with the descriptor "contains violence", which means it's sales are restricted to those 13 and up.

-Reporting from Canada, GP Correspondent Colin "Jabrwock" McInnes

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This is from the country that bans games. And they rated Bully before they got a copy. Can you say "censorship?"
Yeah. We suck. :(
Did she read the Press Release the OFLC released? (since they obviously knew thered be trouble)

Copy of it here -
From one of the other articles mentioned there:
"Australian Governments have committed millions of dollars attempting to reduce violent behaviour in the playground and change attitudes to bullying."

Really? How so? "Don't be a meany, don't Bully"? Little posters stuck around schools? Little classes telling the victims "take it, ignore the bully, they'll give up"? Right, that'll help. Or how about this from the same article:
""We are trying to get this age group who play computer games to understand bullying is criminal behaviour and cannot be tolerated."
Really? How many identified "bullies" are arrested? I mean, they say "criminal behaviour". How many authority figures who turn their heads as it's happening are charged with conspiracy to abuse the victim? After all, bullying is nothing more than abuse. Whether it's physical, mental, verbal, or sexual. So where are all the arrest warrants for abusers? Maybe it's happening in Australia? It ain't happening here in the US, that's for sure. Instead of blaming the abusers and the authority figures who support the abusers, we're busy blaming video games, music, TV, movies, books, goth, and all sorts of other things.

NW2K Software
The Australian gov haven't been using videogames as a scapegoat, instead more focused on bad parenting.
And while yes, games do get refused clasification in Australia, it doesen't happen very often. Although it can be a bit of a bother.
I don't know this woman.

I have no idea of her personality, politics or anything like that.

I still think she should be kicked out of office.

That's the same logic she has here.

Ms. Tebbutt, please consider PLAYING the game before making statements that could end up being stupid in retrospect.
a Little off topic from the main article, i think it's kinda good to hear that the esrb is not alone in its ruling of Bully's rating. Bully's probably been attracting it's share of attention in other countries, and yet it seems like the rating systems of those countries are not being bullied into treating Bully more severly than they would any other game. I guess this just tells us what thee intellgent opinion of Bully is, as opposed to the ignorant drival that politicans and the like have been feeding poeple.

y'know, i'm still surpirsed that we haven't heard anyone blasting off at the esrb giving Bully a T rating... i figured politicans and the like would have jumped on that almost instantly. grant it, maybe they just haven't realized it yet, like that lame duck in Utah...
I bet we'll hear something about it on Monday
"I'm concerned that its message for violence is undermining what we're doing in schools to counteract bullying."

Isn't Bully that game where you play the victim getting revenge on bullies? How does that game support or condone bullying, again?

Oh, right. It's the title.
So uh...obviously, just cause the title is "bully" it's a horrible horrible game.

I read the GameInformer preview on it and it looks like a real in-depth game that helps you escape reality by doing things in school you normally couldn't. That's my take on it.
"I'm concerned that its message for violence is undermining what we're doing in schools to counteract bullying,"
Such a shame that the game won't be promoting or glorifying Bullying.
If politicians and soccer moms had to play the game and write a 10,000 word essay or thesis on the game and why it's to violent for teen agers to play. They'd have to include vivids, single spacing, works cited page, sources and all that other crap we had to do in school for reports and the Florida Writes. That should cut down there free time or maybe they'll find another band wagon to jump on.
You are so correct. Let's have people give reasoning for hating this other than the name of the game.
Everyone's just pissy that Rockstar's latest didn't nab an R/M/NC17/R18/XXX/etc. rating. (besides, doesn't it mean that most of those brainwashed teens at the protest could now play it if they wanted to? If they could think for themselves, that is.)
I think this is pretty much how people feel about it:

"Are you telling me that this game might not be as violent and disgusting as I said it would be? I've put a lot of time and effort into condemning this game, and now you're going to tell me that I may have been wrong? Yeah, well screw YOU buddy, I'm trying to look like a moral crusader here and I don't need people telling me I'm wrong now."

It doesn't really matter right now anyway though. This game still hasn't been released so this really is a lot of hubbub about nothing. Let's wait and see what it actually is before you start hitting the BAN button. (or it could be a lever, I don't know how you do things in Australia.)