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Jack Thompson Ready to Drop Another Game Violence Lawsuit?

Jack Thompson has been teasing a planned lawsuit which he says will be announced Monday.

On Friday GP was treated to a subject-line only e-mail which read, "So, Dennis, you going to my big news conference Monday?"

Not if you don't tell me where it is, Jack.

Later, GP and GameSpot received a similar message, saying only, "Big news conference by Jack Thompson Monday. Hooah!"

Hooah, indeed. This morning the anti-game activist dropped a little more news in the comments section of GP's The Political Game column on Joystiq. Thompson wrote:

"On Monday, September 25, Thompson will journey to another state and announce, with his co-counsel, the filing of what will likely prove to be hugely significant wrongful death action against Sony and Take-Two..."

So, it's a GTA case...
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Tags: gta, jack thompson, lawsuits, take-two

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I thought he was going to cool down a bit...

But nooooo...
He picked right back up again. >_
The reason why he is not mentioning the location of the conference to anyone in the game industry is because he does not wish anyone to actually provide questions that might show how much of a fraud he is. So in otherwords, FOX news and a handful of other shoddy sensationalism-loving news outlets will be in attendance.
Its too bad he can't post here anymore. Its kind of boring and humorless without him.
There's always the possibility that he'll email spam you like he did to me and ianc14. That'll surely bring you a few laughs.

Re: Of course...


14 years ago

Re: Of course...


14 years ago

Jack who? Wasn't he on TV or something a while ago? Loads of people made fun of him and he sued them, or something. Was that him? I thought he was dead.

Jack, even the gamers don't really care what you have to say any more. Give it up, son.
Yeah I'm sure if he didn't appear on 60 Minutes and stuck to just harassing and insulting an entire community and providing them with his email address and phone number in the same posts, people would have left him alone. That's the guy you want shrieking about causality, right there.

I would love to see a comparison with predominant personalities in this debate who actually are successful at what they do and aren't actively trolling. I'm sure they must be getting their share of hate mail (as any public figure in any sort of domain would) but the death threat to legitimate discussion ratio would have to be much lower. Next article, GP?
I've always taken a strong stand against anyone harassing JT in any way.

OTOH, I'm troubled by his inclusion of personal contact info when posting inflammatory material on game web sites
In the criminal trial, Judge Moore flat-out refused to hear any evidence that GTA caused Devin Moore to kill, and then they sentenced him to the needle. Why then, in the civil case against Sony, did he not approve summary judgement? The industry lawyers made the motion based on the idea that there isn't enough evidence to connect the game industry, which I thought the judge was agreed with in the criminal case.

Seems very contradictory to me, although I don't know what chance those people will have against the industry's lawyers and a shitload of unfavorable legal precedence anyway.

Oh, and good luck Charlie Brown, you just keep trying to kick that football.
perhaps one of the legal eagles who read GP will weigh in on this.

But the short answer is that the standard of evidence is much higher in a criminal case.

Also, don't buy JT's position that the court somehow validated his case. It simply said it couldn't be dismissed on its face. That's a long way from proving a case.

Interesting also is that JT lauds this move by the AL judiciary while elsewhere attacking them for tossing him off the case.
At what point does continually filing (unfounded) civil lawsuits of this nature become harassment or even malicious prosecution?
that's a judgment call that the defendants in the suits need to make
Bully's coming out on OCTOBER 17 and there was the school shooting recently in Quebec (where the the shooter was a fan of the Super Columbine RPG)

so jack coming out again is no surprise.
Another GTA case.

... hoorah.
GTA4 was already announced fot the Xbox 360. nothing is known about the game as of yet, but odds are he'll have some "insider info" that will never make it to final release.
Four experts who have testified before Congress have told the Alabama court that if he had not played the game, he would not have killed. Strong stuff, but it happens to be true.

Only to you, Jack. Only to you. Does it ever occur to you that Devin Moore was just plain screwed up, games or no?

And when will he stop bringing up 60 Minutes as though it's the most important thing in life, anyway? How long ago was that appearance? And why does he expect anybody to care?

Oh, and something tells me that because nobody will appear at his conference, he'll start calling all of us cowards. No, Jack, if nobody shows up, it's because you didn't tell anyone where it would take place.

Put simply, Jack really needs to lose his rose-colored glasses get his rose-colored eyeballs replaced.
This may seem petty of me, but you'd think that a Lawyer would at least take the time to spell and grammar check his work before posting it.

Screened comment

That user was banned from the GP forums for posting that e-mail address, by the way.

We're NOT going to be a base for harassment.
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