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Jack Thompson Ready to Drop Another Game Violence Lawsuit?

Jack Thompson has been teasing a planned lawsuit which he says will be announced Monday.

On Friday GP was treated to a subject-line only e-mail which read, "So, Dennis, you going to my big news conference Monday?"

Not if you don't tell me where it is, Jack.

Later, GP and GameSpot received a similar message, saying only, "Big news conference by Jack Thompson Monday. Hooah!"

Hooah, indeed. This morning the anti-game activist dropped a little more news in the comments section of GP's The Political Game column on Joystiq. Thompson wrote:

"On Monday, September 25, Thompson will journey to another state and announce, with his co-counsel, the filing of what will likely prove to be hugely significant wrongful death action against Sony and Take-Two..."

So, it's a GTA case...

"One thing Thompson will talk about at the news conference are the ways in which the industry has targeted him and his family for harm in retaliation for his appearance on 60 Minutes... One thing that is useful in what is going to occur Monday is that the prosecutor of the kid who killed in this instance actually called Thompson and asked him to bring this lawsuit..."

GP has requested clarification via e-mail, but received none. We could speculate on a few cases, but it's probably best to wait for Monday's announcement.

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I cant help but think that this will make or break him, if he goes ahead with it.
IMO, break seems most likely, especially if anyone tried to debate him, or is rude, which he won't be able to avoid by ignoring people's questions.
Will JT's conduct result in him getting thrown off the case like what happened in Alabama?
...and another blunder that will just come and go.

Remember how the Alabama case was going to make the O.J. Simpson case look like "quilting bees"? That of course resulted in him being booted off for "bizarre and childlike behavior".

Or how about the lawsuit against the Floridar Bar? You know, the one he was 100% sure he would win?

Oh yeah, and those protests in New York were spectacular.

And how about that Louisiana law? You know, the one that he knew how to make "constitutional"?
First off, what recent cases, other than Montreal? The Robida case?

Second off, $600 million a low amount? Please, that's almost three times the current PowerBall jackpot($203 million for tonight) and more than three times the amount of the New York Yankees payroll this year($194,663,079).

More hyperbole from a Florida attorney whose made more asinine comments since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

This half-a-man is trult pathetic, knowing he's lost every case he's ever filed against the industry, not counting on-going cases.
Is it just me, or is JT's writing ability actually going downhill? Also, why would he let his opponents know what he's going to do? How is that good legal thinking?
well, I think he's trying to generate some publicity.

Deleted comment

Re: Uh...


16 years ago

Re: Uh...


16 years ago

Re: Uh...


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Re: Uh...


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Re: Uh...


16 years ago

Re: Uh...


16 years ago

Still using the 3rd person, still plugging his visit on 60 minutes...
Seriously. 60 Minutes? How many years ago was that at this point?

(Anyone notice how the best coverage he can get lately is Attack of the Show?)
Every time Jack Thompson opens his mouth, he always seems to remind of Al Gore's character on the South Park episode "ManBearPig".

In it, Gore runs around trying to warn the public of the single greatest threat to humanity...ManBearPig, a creature who is half-man, half-bear, and half-pig. Already, you can see the similarities between the character and Jack Thompson, like their flawed and borderline retarded logic.

Later in the episode, Gore takes the kids to a cave where he believes ManBearPig might be hiding, and in the process causes the cave entrances to collapse and traps the kids in the cave. The similarities continue, where both Gore and Thompson ask other people for help, then end up screwing their "helpers" over while they come out unscathed and being able to continue spewing their nonsense.

Now, while everyone else is trying to get the kids out (keep in the mind that this is the main problem), Gore runs around telling people to forget about the kids and instead flood the cave in hopes of drowning ManBearPig. Obviously, no one listens or believes him, so Gore starts growing upset and cries and yells, "I'm super serial!" Again with the similarities, Gore and Thompson continue to ignore the main problem, and instead choose a course of action where they end up hurting people instead of helping them. And now that people are ignoring his "advice", he grows whiny and child-like.

So, deciding to take matters into his own hands again, Gore puts a dam in a nearby river, causing water to flow into the cave. Now everyone believes the kids are dead, and during the funeral they hold at the cave, Gore gives a speech: "And although ManBearPig is now dead, it came at a heavy price, and we'll never forget the names of those four little boys...Kid #1, Kid #2, Kid #3, and Kid #4." Just like Gore, Thompson always seems to hold people back from solving the real problem. And while he claims that he's helping the victims, he really doesn't care about them as long as he gets what he wants.

I know this comparison sounds confusing and you really need to see the episode in order to understand what I'm saying, but all you really need to remember is this...Jack Thompson is not helping to fix the problem, he's only hindering it. And all so he can get what he wants.
That was one of the most well thought out comparisons i have ever seen.

Re: A Comparison...


16 years ago

From everything I've heard about that idiot, he's just full of shit. That's my straight out opinion. that the second one gets tossed out of court, it kills all the other ones. Criminal cases love them their precedents.

In order for this to succeed, Jack and his "colleagues" would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that GTA *directly caused* this real life violence, and that the kid in question would have never been violent had GTA never existed.

That should be pretty well impossible.
"One thing Thompson will talk about at the news conference are the ways in which the industry has targeted him and his family for harm in retaliation for his appearance on 60 Minutes...

I can't help but laugh and smile at that. If anyone is harming Jack's family, it's Jack himself. Must suck to go to school when your father is a crazy maniac lawyer who publically likes to make a ass of himself.

And how long as has it been on that 60 minutes thing? Like...3 or 4 years? Does Jack always have to reference that? Was that the "High" point of his career? Talk about having your head up your ass.
I see Thompson is whoring himself to others again.

- Warren Lewis
Has anyone err actually seen oh I don't know real proof that the case is going forward next year?? Don't they announce that stuff in a more official way then posting on Joystiq?
Maybe Jack will finally open up which he told us was coming months ago...
What bothers me about this is just HOW Jack this really is. Call someone out, don't tell them when, where or how to show up, refuse to respond to them when they ASK when where or how to show up, declare yourself the winner when NOBODY SHOWS UP.

It's almost TOO Jack, like Jack has been replaced with some kind of Auto-Jack, a Jack-booted-Jack-bot as it were.
He won't even make an effort to come across as "professional" anymore. He has nothing but comtempt for any video game blog or news site. It's all just a joke to him. He's just having a little fun in the most childish way. Telling people to "grow up" is one of his favorite insults. Does "Big news conference by Jack Thompson Monday. Hooah!" sound very grown up to you? He could at least pretend to have some amount of respect.
I asked him that on the Joystiq comments last week- if that sort of language/behaviour/tone/whatever was the sort of thing he sent out to mainstream news news outlets, or if it was just for us.

Shockingly, what I got back was a torrent of abuse and self-important willy-waving.

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