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GP on Joystiq: Will Jon Stewart Save Gaming?


Forgot to mention yesterday's The Political Game column on Joystiq, wherein GP concludes that only one man can save video games from political craziness...

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That is AWESOME!

Jon Stewart: Defender of freedom and common sense!
Read this article yesterday and thought you did a great job with it. I beleive you may be right too. I think the coolest thing that could happen is have Miami Jack on and watch Stewart take him down a few pegs.
Jack Thompson has peg's left?
What would happen if Jon Stewart read that, would he get a (temporary) ego trip? Will he think it's a big joke? Will he rub it in Stephen Colbert's face? Or will he (and the other daily show writers) step up and bash video game laws and maybe Jack Thompson. Of course this is only assuming he reads it, but I bet there is a way to e-mail the daily show staff about it.
John Stewart for president!
Heh, y'know, John Stewart adressed that very same topic when he can to my college to do a special guest comedy act... i forget exactly what he said, but i think it amounted to it being a bad idea due to him being too ignorant or something.

man, tickets for that show were sold out in the first week (unlike those carlos mancia tickets)... my sisters were so pissed that i didn't tell them about so that they could take the 7hr drive up here to see it.
I really hope that Jack goes on the Daily show...Which I doubt he will ever will. But man that would be the funniest show ever!
I wouldn't see Stewart putting him on as a guest, although I could see JT footage showing up in one of the bits... much like the congressmen I mentioned on Joystiq
Why should anyone give Jack that extra publicity. The best way to destroy him, is to ignore him. If he fades away from the public eye, then he's lost. Jon Stewart should get educated people on his show - Douglas Lowenstein, Tommy Tallarico, Patricia Vance, Dr. Dorothy Singer, the Presidents and CEOs of companies like Rockstar and Take 2. These are the people whose voices should be heard. Not Jacks.
first, why would anyone want to "destroy" him? Why censor a censor?

Let all voices be heard, the issue will be decided on its merits...


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Jon Stewart is some form of minor deity.
I think this is more than Jon Stewart can handle alone. We need a revolution (and not one from Nintendo). I'm sure Jon Stewart can lead this revolution, but the fact is, one voice won't change anything. We need thousands of voices coming together telling the government that we are sick of how they are treating us. The have a House of Representatives that seems to not be representing our voice. That is not democracy in motion. Instead there are politicians willing to try to find ways around the constitution so they can earn some votes.

Gamers are not stupid, violent children like they try to imagine. Many of us are intelligent adults who are productive members of society. Have we become so docile and lazy that we don't want to fight for our rights anymore? We need another Woodstock, another Million-man March. We need a large, non-violent protest to show that we are listening to what they are saying, and that we don't approve.

Violent games do not make violent people! Violent people prefer violent games!
Games don't train children to perform school shootings! Many students who are victims of abuse at home and at school turn to games as a way to release anger... but some find themselves to far gone and snap. Odds are they would have snapped earlier otherwise.

If the government wants to start protecting the children of the country they have to start putting more money into schools and child-care programs. Lower the standard of living so parents don't have to work 15 hours a day, where they can't monitor their children. Educate teachers about warning signs of abuse at home and school so something can be done. Get kids off the street. This is how to save the country, not by regulating what games a person can buy!

Politicians go to school for years learning about laws. They're supposed to be educated. Maybe it's time for them to be reminded what that means. If it's gamers that have to do it, then so be it.
The risk here is that Jon could just as easily turn the tables on certain sectors of the games industry.

Not that I'd mind that; the industry is in need to taking a good long look at itself.
well, I think he actually did that in the same clip I mentioned in the article. Samantha Bee's parody of life in San Andreas showed the violence, profanity, hookers, etc.

I agree that the industry needs to look in the mirror at times as well
Indeed, I had just watched that video when I got the notification of your reply.

In retrospect to my comment... Jon Stewart really would be saving the games industry!


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