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Listen to Utah Video Game Bill Hearing...

Audio from yesterday's video game hearing in Utah is now available... Fast forward the recording to 8:24 where the game bill discussion begins.

New bill sponsor Rep. Scott Wyatt (R) is pictured at left.

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I can't seem to connect...
maybe the hits from readers crashed it, dunno.

was working fine for me

Re: network issues?


13 years ago

Works for me now


13 years ago

I found it interesting that one of the senators was insisting to the ESA lawyer that the fact that children are not legally restricted from buying violent videogames is innately harmful to society, despite the lawyer insisting that it is the role of the parent to determine what media is appropriate for children.

If we're going to have government raise children, why stop with games, movies, and music? Let's legislate books as well! Mein Kampf can be legally bought by anyone from many bookstores. In addition, the Bible has strong sex and violence in it, such as genocide in Canaan and a man raping his half-sister. We should ban these from children as well!

Let's go further, let's not just ban sex and violence from children in all forms of media, let's ban everything "harmful to society" as well! Thomas Jefferson talked about citizens needing to overthrow harmful governments, that may lead people to be angry at society and try to change it. We should ban the Declaration of Independence!

I do not think this is an inappropriate extension of their logic in banning violent games. If we start here, people can use this precendent to attack other forms of media they do not like, and we need to nip it in the bud now.
Interesting that he bashes video games and a movie (Basketball Diaries) in the same breath, yet never says anything about wanting to restrict movies...

"grand theft auto glorified being with prostitutes"

"one of the thigns you have to do in grand theft auto is staying with a prostitute until you get well, and then what you do is kill the prostitute"

"Bully goes back to the columbine massacre"

"how you can become the winner is by killing kids"

"it's teaching our kids at a vulnerable age of reasoning"

"were teaching this kids with these violent videogames"

"they crafted a bill after ours"

"do we have a right to protect our kids?"

"outside the parents, and outside the teachers"

That old woman is clueless -

"Devin moore was accurate because he taught to do it by GTA"

"david walsh claimed that through practice Devin moore killed three police officers"

"I don't care how many times a judge rules"

"will we wish we had done this"

"each time we do something like this, we appeal to the court. and spend the money on their children to protect them"

"it's the same with pornography"

"horrible violence"

"It's our children, we don't let them buy horrible pornography"

"why would we sell a game that allows a child to shoot accurately because we've been trained"

"we spend money on ski lifts that aren't as important as this"

there is some insane rantings in that hearing.
everyone who was there should be forced to have a psychological assessment.
Sitey no worky
if it's not working, the chances are becuase you don't have a realplayer installed, it's the only way to hear it.
Hogue- "(quoting Blockbuster cashier)'It's up to the parents to see that they watch appropriate games' I mean this is a comment that I got time and time again..."
There's a reason for that.

"...Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was probably the most popular violent video game that's been publicized over the last year--"
I haven't seen any commercials for it in a year.

"--This particular video game glorified and glamorized being with prostitutes..."
And politicians like you glamorize lying and stupidity. What's your point?

"... There's a new game coming out from this same group, this year to be introduced next month or November. It's called 'Bully.'--"
No, REALLY?! 'Cause with all the bitching your lot did about it for the past few months I had NO IDEA!

"--Bully goes back to the Columbine Massacre--"
No, it doesn't. YOU do. THE MEDIA does. OTHER STUPID LEGISLATORS do. There's no guns or killing in Bully.

"--and it talks about bullying in high school and how you can become the winner of that game is taking a baseball bat and beating up kids and killing kids to get even. And then you're the winner..."
I repeat: THERE'S NO KILLING IN BULLY!!! And that's not how you win. You win by uniting the school AGAINST the bullies!

"...Teenagers, 12 to 18, those are the age groups when kids are most vulnerable as far as reasoning and the ability to make a decision based on reasoning..."
Translation: The children are stupid and can't think for themselves.

"...We're teaching the kids with these violent video games to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do..."
Well, he's right there. Ordinarily, I'd take my rage out on someone around me, but with video games, I have a cluster of pixels to hurt instead of a living, breathing individual.

"...Why aren't they (the video game indusrty) policing their industry?... Why don't they take a few million dollars of their revenue and put it towards protecting our youth? They're not doing that..."
It's because your lot's doing such a WONDERFUL job! /sarcasm.

"...They were asked why they did it a certain way... because it was in the violent video games..."
Oh God, not this again! Jesus, these kids were messed up to begin with!

One of the women there (I didn't catch her name. Started with an "M" I think...)- "... He was very accurate as he shot these policmen because he'd had a lot of practice. And he was doing this after watching over and over and over Grand Theft Auto, wheer he was taught to do this..."
You mean the gun had a circle button on it?

"... No one ever thought Devin would do this..."
They say that about almost every psychotic killer. What people don't get is that psychos can pretend to be normal whenever they're out in public.

"... Why aren't we willing to spend whatever we have to spend to protect our children?..."
Because you're a bunch of money-grubbing, lazy bastards.

"... It's our children. We don't let them buy cigarettes, we don't let them buy alcohol, we don't let them buy violent pornography..."
That's 'cause you want it all for yourself.

"... Then why do we allow them to buy games that teach them how to shoot and how to be accurate..."
Why do we allow minors to go hunting? That's what teaches them to use a gun accurately.

I would've listened to the end of it, but I have to go. Anyway, rant over.
Right on man!

only thing is the "i'll just tear this apart" line is mine =p

I really need to copyright it :P
Still can't get through...
i cant get it to run either, but from the quotes ive seen, its the same out of touch generation trying to control something they dont understand, it looks like
They always seem to compare games with alcohol and tobacco.
"... It's our children. We don't let them buy cigarettes, we don't let them buy alcohol..."

You can't compare these things. They have no relation to each other what-so-ever. It's like trying to compare a car to kitty litter, or a doughnut to a garden hose. So unless they've figured out a way to drink and smoke video games I think they should stop comparing them to each other.
You forgot porn.

- Warren Lewis
Cannot access file either. Anyone have a sound recording of it posted anywhere?

- Warren Lewis
I go there with no problem... what happens when you try?

Re: Me neither.


13 years ago

Re: Me neither.


13 years ago

Re: Me neither.


13 years ago

Enmitywithin was right, you need RealPlayer. Downloaded it just now and am currently listening to Hogue go blah, blah, I'm ignorant, blah, blah, I'm Jack Thompson's bitch.

(38 min.) Sounds like the A.G. at least knows his stuff.

(47 min.) Hey, at least one person is concerned about wasted money...

(51 min.) Now fighting the urge to kill as I listen to sanctimonious old hag piss and moan about how GTA trains you to be accurate with a weapon, as well as how important it is to spend money for the children. 100 times more maddening to hear than read.

(58 min.) ESA rep getting grilled by Burgess Meredith from Grumpy Old Men.

(67 min.) Some stupid broad named Tammy Anderson makes a joke about hiring terrorists to blow up porn shops which no one laughs at, then suggests approaching the game companies about making more deer hunting games instead. Brilliant.

Gotta say though, that was overall more interesting than the televised "debates" I've seen.