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Postal Series Designer Reacts to Montreal Shooting

By now, most GamePolitics readers know that Dawson College shooter Kimveer Gill listed the controversial Postal series, published by Running With Scissors, among his favorite games.

In a blog post sometime prior to Wednesday's rampage, Gill wrote, "(game protagonist) Postal Dude kicks ass. If anyone out there hasn't played Postal... I suggest you do. And do it right now."

The National Post reached Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desiderio - often called Vince Desi - for comment:

"This is way past the game, this is tragic," Desiderio said. "People need to learn that there's a difference between entertainment and acting out in reality. I know that people will say that, 'Violent games caused this,' but millions of people play these games around the world and the good news is that only rarely do one or two people go berserk like this."

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