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Columbine Game Designer Speaks About Montreal Rampage

Did an amateur video game project push a 25-year-old man over the edge, leading to Wednesday's shooting rampage in Montreal?

Danny LeDonne, creator of Super Columbine Massacre RPG, was interviewed by Canoe Live about Wednesday's tragic events at Dawson College. Toronto Sun reporter Mike Strobel provided counterpoint.

LeDonne said that he felt no guilt over the incident.

"What I felt most," he said, "was regret for a young man that had lost touch with reality and just seemed to really have no grasp on any kind of moral compass... Frankly I made my video game because video games have become one of (society's) scapegoats... I was a student in a Colorado high school at the time of (Columbine)... video games were being blamed for the shooting when investigators said there were so many warning signs that needed to be addressed..."

Strobel was critical of LeDonne's project as well as video game violence in general. Speaking of the Devin Moore case in which the 18-year-old killed two police officers and a dispatcher, Strobel said, "There's not a whole lot of thinking to be done about that it seems to me, or analysis. Grand Theft Auto led to those killings, bottom line."

Seeking to put the role of video games in context, LeDonne added, "I can't stress enough the involvement of parents in the lives of young people. Find out what your kids are playing. Talk to them. Get in touch with them. Most of these cases have kids who have fallen through the cracks. They hate life, they say it. And these I feel are the root causes, not whetever video game or book or movie they happened to pick up that week..."

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