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Primary Update: Game-legislating Pols Advance

A number of primary elections were held around the country yesterday. Results in New York and Washington, D.C. have the potential to impact the video game industry in the future.

In New York, a pair of high-profile Democrats who are intent upon legislating video games secured their party's nominations and advanced to the general election in November.

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (seen voting, at left), in a bid for re-election to the Senate, grabbed 80% of the vote to defeat challenger Jonathan Tasini. The former First Lady and likely 2008 presidential contender will square off against Republican candidate John Spencer in November.

Sen. Clinton, of course, is the sponsor of the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA), video game legislation currently before the Senate.

In other New York primary news, high-profile Attorney General Eliot Spitzer secured 81% of vote to secure the Democratic nomination for governor. Spitzer will face Republican John Faso in November.

Spitzer made news in the gaming community earlier this year when GamePolitics reported on his call for video game legislation as well as a universal rating system.

In Washington, D.C., Democratic City Council member Adrian Fenty won his party's nomination for mayor, virtually assuring him the office. In 2005 Fenty called the video game business "an industry out of control" and led an unsuccessful effort to pass retail video game legislation in the nation's capitol.

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