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Japan Celebrates Resident Evil with Stamp Series

Following the example of France, which last year commemorated video games with a stamp series featuring the likes of Mario, The Sims, Pac-man, and other well-known game characters, the Japanese postal service will issue a series of stamps honoring the 10-year anniversary of BioHazard, better known in the West as the Resident Evil series.

Gibbons Stamp Monthly reports that the series will feature 10 different stamps, each worth 80 yen (approx 0.69 USD). Various characters and imagery from the game series are featured, although the Umbrella Corporation's logo is conspicuously absent.

Resident Evil, developed by Capcom, first hit store shelves in 1996, and it's popularity has spawned more than a dozen sequels as well as 3 movies (one is still in production and is due out in 2007).

Stamp collectors or video game enthusiasts can check with these dealers to order the stamps.

-Reporting from Canada, GP Correspondent Colin "Jabrwock" McInnes

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