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Jack Thompson Rips Judge in Louisiana Video Game Case

From the Louisiana Governor's office on down, Jack Thompson has ripped a number of high-level officials in the ugly reality show surrounding the court fight over the state's video game law. Now the volatile Miami attorney has added a new target.

In a letter sent yesterday to Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and Attorney General Charles Foti, Thompson unleashed a string of criticism upon Federal District Court James Brady, who is hearing the case. Among other comments, Thompson accuses Judge Brady of bias:

"As to Judge Brady, you two (Blanco and Foti), as fellow Democrats, know of his liberal views and his past Chairmanship of the Louisiana Democratic Party. He was nominated by President Clinton because of his liberalism, and with that liberalism goes an absolutist view of the First Amendment that the Founders would not recognize."

"Further, Judge Brady's trashing of the law before he even heard the constitutional and scientific basis for it, was so over the top as to provide the basis for a motion for recusal. His early pronouncements were outrageous and betrayed a disabling bias."

"Judge Brady's comments made it clear that he could not be fair and that he would not be fair, and you all let him get away with it."

"You should have put aside your shared Democratic history with this judge and filed a motion to recuse him. Judge Brady should be off the case..."

Despite Thompson's criticism of Judge Brady, his letter primarily targets Deputy Attorney General Burton Guidry, upon whom Thompson has rained invective for nearly a month:

"...(Guidry) is categorical in stating that this case cannot be won... Mr. Guidry and his 'task force' are a bunch of wimps... Again, look at Guidry's letter. It might as well have been written by the video game industry... This guy wants me to help him after writing a letter that says I am full of crap? Whom does this guy think he's kidding? Not me..."

GP should note that although Thompson cc'd GamePolitics on his latest letter to Gov. Blanco and A.G. Foti, we have not seen the full text of the Burton Guidry letter from which he is quoting.

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