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GamePolitics v2.0 Beta - Take a Look

We're hard at work on the shift to a new look for GamePolitics. Our beta site can be seen here.

We'll be using Wordpress for the daily GP news. The Legislation Tracker and GP Forums will be making the move with us.

We're also very excited about some new features as well, including multimedia and law libraries as well as the ability to embed video in stories and an expanded listing of resources for those interested in the politics of video games.

No target date has been chosen for the move (although it will be sooner rather than later). Nor have we locked in on any features yet, although the Wordpress theme (i.e. template) currently in place at the beta site seems to work well for GP's needs.

Please feel free to check out GPv2 - especially the comments feature. We're really interested in what you think. Be sure to leave some feedback!

Tags: beta, gp beta, wordpress
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