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ESA Responds to Congressman's "Truth in Video Game Rating Act"

Last week, GP was first with the news that Congressman Cliff Stearns (R-FL) had proposed HR 5912, the so-called "Truth in Video Game Rating Act."

Gamasutra and other sites are now reporting that ESA boss Doug Lowenstein has responded by way of an official statement.

"We share Chairman Stearns' commitment to the continued effectiveness and accuracy of the ESRB's ratings system," Lowenstein said. "However, as introduced, we do not believe his legislation will serve consumers and parents."

Specifically, Lowenstein criticized the bill's requirement that games be played in their entirety during the ESRB rating process. According to the ESA president, such a requirement "means that the only people rating games will be professional gamers with the skills necessary to play through games that can take more than 100 hours and who are not likely to be representative of the mainstream American parent."

Lowenstein added, "According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, parents said that among all entertainment rating systems... the ESRB ratings are the most useful. It is not broken. Neither is it perfect and we are always exploring ways to ensure it retains the respect it has earned from American families. We look forward to working constructively with Chairman Stearns and his colleagues on these issues in the weeks ahead.."

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