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Hillary Eying Video Game Tax?

According to an un-sourced story in Kotaku, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) is mulling a tax on video games.

If that's true, Sen. Clinton is in noteworthy - if not especially good - company. Advocating a game tax would align her with the likes of failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Star Locke as the only politicians in recent memory to advocate a special tariff on our favorite pastime.

As the Kotaku story tells it, the tax would go to some type of child advocacy program. Although we'd rather see some kind of attribution, Kotaku editor Brian Crecente got it right last year regarding ESA president Doug Lowenstein's secret Hillary fund-raising breakfast, so methinks his Hillary contacts have history on their side.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Daily News columnist/blogger Will Bunch takes Hillary to task in a piece entitled Never Mind the Potholes, Hillary Continues Down the Lieberman Road.

The Lieberman headline refers to the Connecticut senator who is widely perceived by Democrats to have gotten too cozy with President Bush, especially on the the war in Iraq. The three-term incumbent faces a difficult August 8th primary in which he currently trails his opponent by five points.

Bunch's story deals with Hillary's seeming obsession with trivial issues like video games and advertising, while failing to step up on the big ones, like, say, Iraq. Bunch notes that A-list liberal blog The Daily Kos ran the results of a straw poll yesterday which showed Hillary finishing seventh, trailing, among others, Sen. Russ Feingold, Gen. Wesley Clark, "No Freakin' Clue" and "Other."

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