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NPR on Columbine RPG & Stephen Colbert Talks Games with "Everything Bad Is Good For You" Author

GP readers have tipped us to some worth-catching programs from the mainstream media this week.

On Tuesday NPR's excellent Here & Now did a segment on Serious Games, including the highly controversial Super Columbine RPG. Host Robin Young interviewed the game's creator, Danny LeDonne as well as Columbine victim Richard Castaldo.

In defending his game, LeDonne said, "We as a society have not yet viewed video games with the same level of academic or artistic credibility that a film would have."

Young also interviewed Georgia Tech professor Ian Bogost, founding partner of Persuasive Games, who talked about the controversy surrounding the Columbine game.

"Video games are still struggling to be seen as a medium and not just a distraction," Bogost said, "Not just a kind of leisure time activity that you use to waste time. This happened before in every other medium. You can just look back at graphic novels and comics for example and think of a work like Maus by Art Spiegelman, which is this graphic novel about the Holocaust and see some of the same kind of issues coming up as we try to make sense of a medium like the video game."

Here & Now also covered MTV award winner Darfur is Dying, the United Nations' Food Force, and the execrable Border Patrol.

On Comedy Central last night, Stephen Colbert interviewed Everything Bad Is Good For You author Steven Johnson and apparently the two spent a goodly amount of time talking about video games. GP missed that, but is Tivoing this morning. It looks like the Colbert Report repeats at 8:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. here in the Eastern U.S.

GP sends shout-outs to readers Fandel Mulkey for the NPR info as well as to James Jones and mrpat for the Colbert Report tip.

UPDATE: Some GP readers weighed in with a free link to the Colbert Report interview with Steven Johnson. A big GP "Thanks!" to evirustheslaye and James Jones!

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