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Suddenly, Video Game-oriented Books Abound

Now that summer's here, perhaps you need some light reading for the beach.

In case you hadn't noticed, a surprising number of game-oriented books have come out in recent weeks. We've got reviews in the works for all of the following:

Dean Takahashi's The Xbox 360 Uncloaked spins the tale of how Microsoft's next-gen system came to be. Dean also wrote a great inside look at the development of Microsoft's original system, Opening the Xbox. The author covers technology for the San Jose Mercury-News and writes about games along with Mercury-News colleague in the excellent Dean & Nooch on Gaming blog. GP's Matt Paprocki is working on a full-blown review...

Best-selling author Douglas Coupland (Microserfs, Eleanor Rigby: A Novel) sets his latest work of fiction, JPod in a fictitious game development company.

Village Voice writer Ed Halter examines the militarization of games in From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games.

Finally, Prof. Ian Bogost of Georgia Tech - and the excellent Water Cooler Games blog - takes a scholarly approach to dissecting games in Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism. Jeff McHale will be reviewing this one for GP.

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Now if only we can make a movie that doesn't suck.

Damn Uwe Boll, it's a travesty I tell ya.

Hopefully Halo will fix that.
The only reason I believe Halo will do well is because Master Chief will be portrayed in it. Uwe Boll will somehow destroy its image, like using a similar story line to previous entries he made (Virus causing an outbreak within the area or something, although the Flood is technically a virus...oh i can see it happening)
Oh, Uwe Boll isn't on the Halo movie. No worries there.
Nope- Peter Jackson is producing it and giving the movie full access to Weta Workshop, which in itself is grounds for a win- it was Weta that designed all of the armor and weapons in The Lord of the Rings movies, and it was they who designed a new polyurethane alloy mix that was lighter and more durable than the standard stunt swords used in other movies. If he keeps his eye on the director, he'll do well.
When it coems to hollywood trust them not,look at how messed up Slinet Hill is altho on the other hand it is 1/3rd right it has the feel/setting of the game for the most part,if jackson can pull off the settign/feel and story it would be bette than any game movie yet...they always screw up somewhere along the liens....Story...CHaratcer.....Theme........

Note:chatatcers = acting and how they adapted them
Note:Theme =setting and use of game/comic fiction/world/powers
Note:Story =Plot and story

Mortal Kombat
Weak charatcers,ok story,theme is a bit off

Weak charatcers,ok story,weak theme

theme.......ok kinda....uuhggg

X men 1-2 wishy washy
Story .... ok

Charatcer=probly the best actign I ahve seen in a comic/game moive
Story= good+funny=great
Theme= awesome?? *L*

Punisher 2000
Theme.....not dark enough.....
Punisher is like sin city minus the sex apale *L*
But this newer oen is also worth seeign jsut to see travolita getting tied to car and drove down the street *L*

I cant wait till they to see how they screw up ghost rider >
Prolly somewhere in Japan, there are books on the consoles there, at least im assuming that since the release of micro$oft books.
GP, do you plan to have anyone review "From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games" for this site? It sounds really interesting and I would like to know more about it.

we'll have something on that in a week or so...
Excellent! I can't wait.