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Suddenly, Video Game-oriented Books Abound

Now that summer's here, perhaps you need some light reading for the beach.

In case you hadn't noticed, a surprising number of game-oriented books have come out in recent weeks. We've got reviews in the works for all of the following:

Dean Takahashi's The Xbox 360 Uncloaked spins the tale of how Microsoft's next-gen system came to be. Dean also wrote a great inside look at the development of Microsoft's original system, Opening the Xbox. The author covers technology for the San Jose Mercury-News and writes about games along with Mercury-News colleague in the excellent Dean & Nooch on Gaming blog. GP's Matt Paprocki is working on a full-blown review...

Best-selling author Douglas Coupland (Microserfs, Eleanor Rigby: A Novel) sets his latest work of fiction, JPod in a fictitious game development company.

Village Voice writer Ed Halter examines the militarization of games in From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games.

Finally, Prof. Ian Bogost of Georgia Tech - and the excellent Water Cooler Games blog - takes a scholarly approach to dissecting games in Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism. Jeff McHale will be reviewing this one for GP.

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