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Louisiana House Unanimous in Support of Video Game Bill

Frankly, we're stunned.

Despite last Wednesday's embarrassing committee hearing marked by misinformation, gross distortions and frothy, purple prose about crushing skulls, 26-year-old murderers and how force feedback controllers teach one to be a cold-blooded killer, the Louisiana House passed HB 1381, Rep. Roy Burrell's video game bill, 102-0 yesterday.


According to the Associated Press, several House members questioned whether Burrell's bill, HB1381, would survive an inevitable First Amendment challenge by the video game industry, but voted for the bill anyway.

"That's for the courts to decide," said Rep. Danny Martiny, (R), who presided over the House Criminal Justice committee which approved Burrell's bill on May 10th, thus setting it up for yesterday's floor vote in the House. "Anything's subject to challenge."

According to the AP, HB1381 would permit a judge to rule whether a video game should be pulled from store shelves. The measure now heads to the Louisiana Senate, where it may face a rougher ride.

That's because the Louisiana Senate has its own video game bill working its way through the legislative process. As reported by The Advocate, Republican State Sen. James Cain's SB340 is a watered-down bill which primarily addresses sexual content in games.

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