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Syndicated Shrink Stands Tall For First Amendment Gamer Rights

Dear Dr. Brothers: I'm a nerdy journalist, desperately searching for a brainy gal who loves good books, lazy Sundays and free speech. Know anyone like that? -GP

Dear GP: Call my cell. Now. Hugs and kisses, Joycie

In your dreams, GP.

But syndicated psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers did take a surprisingly strong stance against video game censorship in this morning's column, which we came across in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Advice-seeker J.B., who describes herself as "an old-fashioned mom," wrote in to Dr. Brothers, saying she was upset with violent T.V., toys and video games. "I think the government should step in and take more of a hand in this," she said.

Here is Joyce Brothers' reply:

"DEAR J.B.: I certainly agree that there's too much gratuitous violence in many video games that are deliberately marketed to youngsters, and I also believe there are consequences to this in that it does increase aggression in many youngsters..."

"Unfortunately, I'm sure neither you nor I want to live in a police state in which the government increases control over what we see, do and think. Censorship is a complex issue, because we first need to agree on and clearly define what's dangerous and offensive and what isn't. In the long run, children seem to be much more influenced by observing how their parents behave with each other, how they handle problems and crises, and what their ethics and beliefs are than by what they see or hear from others."

GP: Well said, Dr. B, well said.

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