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VGVN Targets Oklahoma

In its first foray into state-level politics, the ESA-sponsored Video Game Voters Network (VGVN), issued an e-mail "Action Alert" to members at 2:11 P.M. Eastern time today.

The alert is in response to Oklahoma's pending legislation, HB3004. GamePolitics broke the news earlier this week that the Oklahoma State Senate had passed the measure unanimously. It appears to be on its way to the desk of Gov. Brad Henry for signature. Should Gov. Henry sign it, HB3004 will become law on November 1st.

The VGVN alert calls upon gamers to contact anyone they know who might live in Oklahoma to speak out against the bill. The message reads, in part:

"The effect of legislation seeking to regulate games would stifle constitutionally-protected creativity in a medium that is at the cutting-edge of innovative entertainment. This is why we need your help. Although you don't live in Oklahoma, you may know someone who does! Please spread the word about the VGVN and this legislation to anyone in your family, clan, MMORPG, forum or work who lives in Oklahoma."

This may be the first time gaming clans and MMO's have been used for political purposes. It will be interesting to see the results.

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