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GP Goes Hollywood

No, they're not making "Close Encounters of the GamePolitics Kind."

But GP did show up in a just-published piece in the The Hollywood Reporter.

THR video game columnist Paul Hyman interviewed ESA boss man Doug Lowenstein and yours truly while compiling his "Games industry battles new legislation." Paul surveys the current legislative landscape and examines the role of the newly-established Video Game Voters Network.

Doug was obviously worked up about the political football that the video game industry has become, saying, "This is one of the biggest red-herring issues I've seen in my 35 years of public life. The notion that there are hordes of 12-year-olds swarming around in malls buying M-rated games is nonsense."

Unfortunately, Paul couldn't persuade any of the U.S. Senators (Clinton, Lieberman, Bayh) sponsoring the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA) to be interviewed for this excellent report.

What's up with that, senatorial types?

Tags: doug lowenstein, esa, evan bayh, fepa, gp, hillary clinton, hollywood reporter, joe lieberman, legislation, vgvn
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