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Stupid Parent Tricks... 8-year-old GTA Fans Steals Van

Forget the kid. Lock up the mom.

It seems this 8-year-old boy in Modesto, California swipes his third grade teacher's car keys from her purse and then steals her minivan. He makes it all the way home without crashing.

When the police arrive, they can't even arrest the kid. He's too young. In most states a juvenile can't be charged with a crime until they are ten or older, the theory being that children aren't emotionally equipped to judge right from wrong much before that age.

As for the boy, who has had prior police contacts, he gets suspended from school. The teacher says she won't let him back in her class.


What's mom have to say? GTA - where players take any car they want, any time they want - is the kid's favorite game.

Even a foolproof game rating system won't help when the parent is a fool.

GP: Thanks to many GP'ers who submitted this one...

Tags: gta, stupid parent tricks
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