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Video Game Industry Preparing For War?

Is the game business arming itself for a lengthy siege on the political front?

That's the conclusion of Paul Sweeting, editor-at-large of Video Business, a trade publication. Sweeting sees the recent merger of the IEMA (game retailers) and the VSDA (video stores) as a clear signal that "retail groups are girding for battle." Sweeting also takes into account last month's launch of the Video Game Voters Network by the ESA as sign that video game publishers too are "preparing for the worst."

Such preparations are probably a good idea, since, in Sweeting's view, "a confluence of technological and electoral factors is likely to bring unprecedented political heat on videogames over the next few years, while dragging retailers squarely into the line of fire."

Sweeting blames next-gen systems, in part, saying, "they're also likely to bring a new level of realism to the beheadings and disembowelments that saturate one slice of the game business... As a practical and political matter, however, the near-filmic quality of the mayhem - not to mention any nudity or sex - will only further inflame those already inclined to feel censorious toward videogames."

With the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution arriving just as the critical mid-term election season ramps up, Sweeting sees plenty of opportunities for politicians to make political hay out of game content issues.

GP: Gloomy news for the game industry, perhaps, but job security for everyone here at GamePolitics...

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