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IEMA & VSDA Merge - The New Name is .... ?

Two key players in the politics of video games have joined forces.

The Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA) and the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA), previously representing game sellers and renters, respectively, have announced that they will merge. The name of the new organization has not yet been decided.

Here at GamePolitics, readers are most familiar with IEMA president Hal Halpin and VSDA VP Sean Bersell. Of the merger, Halpin told GP today:

"The merger of these two industry-leading organizations is a benchmark in the growth of the entertainment industry. Within separate sectors of the broader home entertainment space, the respective missions of VSDA and IEMA were beginning to become less disparate. New technologies and legislative initiatives impacting both areas have made it clear that working as one entity toward mutual goals is preferable. And frankly, there was very little overlap operationally between the work that the two organizations were undertaking, making the synergies apparent and the opportunity that much more desirable."

GP: The handwriting has been on the wall for this merger for some time. Biggest clue: IEMA and VSDA split the bill in the recent hiring of lobbyist Stuart Spencer. We're eager to hear the new name and wish both organizations well in their combined endeavor.

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