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Pennsylvania House Unanimously Condemns "25 to Life"

The seemingly endless public relations disaster that is "25 to Life" continues for the video game industry.

Last week the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted 196-0 in favor of a resolution condemning the game, calling it " a video game that displays horrific violence against police officers and innocent bystanders."

The resolution, HR688, reads, in part:

"RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania encourage concerned citizens to support the antiviolence efforts of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund by signing the online petition at"

"...and be it further RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives respectfully acknowledge law enforcement officers and honor the memory of the brave men and women killed in the line of duty by expressing support for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and antiviolence campaign..."

Tags: 25 to life, eidos, nleomf, pennsylvania, public relations disasters
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