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GP Editorial: IEMA's Halpin Wows Gamers

Late last week GP received an unusual e-mail.

Hal Halpin, president of the IEMA, the trade group representing the majority of U.S. video game retailers, was volunteering to be grilled by GamePolitics readers. As Hal wrote, "There seem to be some misconceptions that should be cleared up and facts are always the best weapons in our arsenal."

Amen to that.

It wasn't perhaps the most elegant technical solution, but on Friday morning Hal registered himself an LJ account. GP started an article to alert readers, who, despite a complete lack of advance notice, proceeded to deluge Hal with questions and concerns about legislation, ratings, retailing and the like. It was truly remarkable to watch this interaction unfold between GP readers and one of the industry's major players.

We credit Hal for spending literally hours answering readers' questions. But more than that GP applauds Hal for having the intestinal fortitude to simply step up and be responsive. We've long been frustrated by the video game industry's public relations posture, which is best described as flying under the radar.

Hal Halpin changed that equation on Friday. We hope it continues.

GP: The format worked so well that we are looking at bringing other notables to GP, both critics and supporters of the game industry.

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