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IGDA's Brenda Brathwaite: Virginia Legislation a Matter of Inches

Hey, do you like that humongous ESRB label adorning the GTA San Andreas box at left?

Didn't think so.

But, as Brenda Brathwaite, leader of the IGDA's Sex in Games SIG, points out, that's exactly what M-rated games will look like if a bill currently before the Virginia legislature passes.

Senate Bill 368 requires that M-rated games bear a rating label which is "a square with sides not less than three inches long, and with type stating that the video game may be suitable only for persons age 17 or older that is not smaller than twelve-point type."

The bill's sponsor is Sen. Henry Marsh III (D).

Tags: brenda brathwaite, henry marsh iii, ratings, stupid politician tricks, virginia
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