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Next Grand Theft Auto Title...

Kotaku is reporting that the site of the next GTA title is up; that the game will be GTA Chicago; that it will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive planned for release in October, 2007.

OOPS! It's an April Fools joke. GP did a quick check of the domain registration info and found it is confidential, not corporate Rockstar or Take-Two as might be expected. Also, here's a great, big clue from the last few lines of the domain registration:

Domain servers in listed order:

As I type this, Kotaku's servers are crashed and Brian Crecente can't make the necessary corrections to the apocryphal GTA Chicago story. Here's what Brian told GP moments ago:

"I just heard back from Rockstar. I asked them if the site was for real or a joke or perhaps a bit of fan fiction. Their reply: 'This is not a R* site, and as such, is a hoax.'"

Good gag. Now whoever perpetrated this April Fools mischief must atone for their sins by purchasing one dozen assorted Pixelante T-shirts.

Tags: chicago, gta, kotaku, rockstar, take-two
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