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Elmer Fudd Stalls Florida Video Game Legislation

This is NOT an April Fool's gag...

Cartoon character Elmer Fudd - with a little help from Wiley Coyote - has accomplished what all of the video game industry's high-priced lawyers and lobbyists have so far been unable to do - stop a video game bill in its tracks.

Fudd, best known for ceaselessly hunting wascaly wabbits, was cited by the Bradenton Herald as the reason why Florida's SB492, sponsored by State Sen. Alex diaz de la Portilla (R), has been postponed.

It seems that some of Diaz de la Portilla's colleagues in the Florida Senate questioned whether the proposed legislation would affect games featuring cartoon violence and mayhem common in classic children's cartoons. Fudd and Wiley Coyote were specifically mentioned.

So it's back to the drawing board for Diaz de la Portilla as he hunts for legal language which would assure children could be spared the carnage of M-rated games while still being permitted to try and blow the Roadrunner to smithereens.

GP: All we can say is, "Meep-meep..."

Tags: alex diaz de la portilla, cartoon violence, elmer fudd, florida, legislation, republicans, sb492
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