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Industry Reacts to Wednesday's Senate Hearing

GamePolitics broke the news about yesterday's Senate hearing... Well, actually we broke it back on March 14th, but nobody took much notice - then. Now it seems everybody's tongue is wagging over Wednesday's extravaganza chaired by Sen. Sam Brownback, seen at left (R-KS).

Sadly, GP wasn't able to catch the hearing (life... it is so annoying at times). In the meantime, we're dying to read the reports of those who sat in or listened to the webcast. MTV's Stephen Totilo will have something on it, for sure. Some GP readers have been posting what they heard in our comments area. And, hey, if anyone has an audio file, don't hold back...

What follows is a brief summary of written testimony submitted to the subcommittee by non-attendees...

Hal Halpin, IEMA (retailers): "The IEMA remains firmly committed to ensuring that children do not gain access to video games their parents deem inappropriate for them. But just as the Government has not and should not involve itself in determining what movies minors may watch and what music they may listen to, the Government should not decide what games they may play..."

Crossan Andersen, VSDA (video stores): "while we must oppose legal restrictions, the home video industry understands we have an important role to play in helping ensure that children do not gain access to videos and video games their parents deem inappropriate for them. VSDA and its members are committed to actively assisting parents in this regard."

Leland Yee, California Assembly: "In Ginsberg v. New York, the Court said, 'even where there is an invasion of protected freedoms, the power of the state to control the conduct of children reaches beyond the scope of its authority over adults.' ...And finally, just last year, the Supreme Court ruled in... Roper v. Simmons, that children are different in the eyes of the law because of brain development."

The ESRB's Pat Vance, who appeared before the subcommittee, also has written testimony available here.

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