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Pixelante T-shirt Contest Finalists Now Available - Proceeds to Charity

Last December GamePolitics sponsored an exciting Pixelante T-shirt design contest. We've finally been able to make the winning designs available for readers to purchase on Zazzle.

So, just what is a "Pixelante?"

It's meant to be an insult, but instead, gamers have adopted the term as a badge of honor.

There are five separate designs available and they are all fabulous. The graphic at left, designed by Michael Bleigh, was voted the contest winner by GP readers.

All proceeds from sales of these amazing Pixelante T-shirts (17% of sale price) will go directly from Zazzle to the Get-Well Gamers Foundation, one of our favorite charities.

GP has uploaded the designs to Zazzle as submitted by the designers. However, Zazzle allows you the option to customize your shirt and we've left this feature enabled for those who prefer it. You can select from a number of shirt styles and colors as well.

So, go ahead. Grab yourself a Pixelante shirt. You know you want one.

Wear it to school, wear it to work, wear it to your next LAN party, wear it to E3...

Remember, it's for a worthy cause. Stand tall as a gamer and show the world your "Pixelante pride."

Click here to buy. And by all means, spread the word to other sites.

GP: Bumped, to help spread the word...

Tags: charity, get-well gamers, pixelante, t-shirt contest, zazzle
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