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GP Reader Attends Delaware Hearing, Posts Impressions

It has been a remarkable week for gamer participation in the political process.

On Monday the gaming world was surprised and pleased by the ESA's launch of the "Video Game Voters Network.

Then just yesterday, a GamePolitics reader attended the Delaware House Judiciary Committee meeting where video game legislation proposed by Rep. Helene Keeley (left) was being considered. The GP reader, James Donaldson, reports that:

"...after attending the hearing I am pleased with some of it, but mostly there needs to be a round two... Not everyone got to talk. The MPAA and IEMA got to talk but not the other members from other organizations. Frankly, Jack (Thompson) had too long and thorough of a testimony for the one hour allotted. The hearing ran way over schedule. By all means, I want Jack to testify as much as he needs to, he surely has that right. Simply put, an hour was more than enough for the original bills to be struck down, I don't think they would have lasted even 30 minutes.

"...I guess you can say I was overwhelmed with what I heard in there. 'This is not speech,' from Mr. Thompson while holding up a videogame case, I believe it was GTA... That shook me, real bad, I became angered. To see and hear that in person is incredible, a smack in the face."

"The chamber was more full than you would think, about 20, maybe a few less. I was expecting much less. WHYY (Philadelphia NPR affiliate) was there with a camera. Jack was well composed... though I felt his testimony was often incorrect and biased (for example) - 'Columbine Simulator.'"

"Only the MPAA and IEMA (Mr. Bersell) spoke at the table, they did very well. A Representative for the Attorney General was there, which was a great help. He offered some incredible insight on how they would handle, challenge, and question things... I was the guy in the brown shirt if you're wondering."

"Though I admire your tenacity, you do truly fight for what you believe in, but I assure you Jack, HB360 will continue to be dealt with here in Delaware. I will do everything within my power and voice as a constituent of Delaware to make sure this bill does not pass.

James, I can't tell you how excited GP is that you attended and offered your view on the proceedings. For a complete version of what James wrote, click here.

GP: I was bummed that I could not get to the hearing, since it is very close to Philadelphia, where GP hangs his hat. Unfortunately I had an unbreakable commitment. But I'm glad we were able to bring you insights from James as well as Sean Bersell. By the way, James' attendance was something we were unaware of until after the fact, which makes it a doubly pleasant surprise.

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