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JUSTICE FILES: More on the Counter-Strike Pedophile

Earlier this week GamePolitics reported on the arrest of a 52-year-old Canadian man charged with violating probation for a past kiddie porn conviction. George "Spike" Finley, an admin of top gaming clan The Green Berets, was arrested when it came to light that he was soliciting young boys he had recruited for the team.

Today, GGL has an must-read investigative piece on the "Spike" case. Author Mahmood Ali searches for answers as to how Finley, by all accounts a terrible player, achieved a high-level position with The Green Berets evan as rumors swirled about his character. Should his warped objectives have come to light long before they did? And are there other "Spikes" lurking out the in the online gaming community?

GP: Definitely worth a read. And yes, there are almost certainly others. Pedophiles tend to go where they think they might find victims. Does that make online gaming bad? Of course not. Does that mean players, parents and clan leaders need to be more vigilant? Definitely.

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