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Utah Senate Kills "Games as Porn" Bill

Games will not be treated like pornography in Utah - at least not this year.

Facing a midnight deadline to pass legislation, the Utah State Senate last night failed to bring to a vote Rep. David Hogue's (seen at left) highly controversial bill which would have amended an existing law concerning distribution of porn to minors. The now-dead HB257 would have equating giving violent games to children with providing them with hardcore smut.

As reported last week by GamePolitics, passed the Utah House of Representatives by a decisive 56-8 vote despite First Amendment concerns expressed by some House members.

The Senate, however, never moved the bill out of committee for a floor vote. Dying a quiet death, HB257 has now been thrown on Utah' s legislative scrap heap - at least for the current session.

Perhaps the Utah Senate recognized the obvious constitutional concerns surrounding Hogue's bill. As noted by GamePolitics, a pair of well-known First Amendment scholars savaged HB257 in a recent guest editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune.

GP: Kudos to the Utah Senate for derailing a bizarre and dangerous piece of legislation. As for the 56 House members who voted for HB257, they need to reacquaint themselves with the U.S. Constitution. Maybe we'll send them a copy.

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