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Staten Island D.A. Is Down on "Getting Up"

Another day, another elected official calling for a video game crackdown.

Today it's Staten Island, where Richmond County (NY) District Attorney Dan Donovan has harsh words for Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. As reported by WABC-7, Donivan claims that Getting Up encourages illegal behavior.

"What it does is encourages and incites people to commit a crime of graffiti vandalism," said the D.A., who is asking retailers not to carry the game.

"This is telling you how to avoid detection by the police and how to avoid the mayor who's attempting to suppress your rights to express yourself," Donovan added.

For his part, designer Marc Ecko told WABC-7, "It's a little bit of much ado about nothing. He's really underestimating the intelligence of the consumer... There's this automatic dismissiveness to throw the baby away with the bath water and be dismissing about the game."

GP: Just an aside, but what's up with the D.A.'s website? All of the right-click options have been disabled. No copying text, no grabbing pictures. Fix please, Mr. D.A.

Tags: boycotts, dan donivan, getting up, graffiti, marc ecko
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