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NIMF Parental Alert Has "Running Scared" Running Scared

So that didn't take long.

Last week GamePolitics broke the story of a National Parental Alert issued by Dr. David Walsh and the National Institute on Media and the Family over a graphic oral sex scene in an online advergame for the film "Running Scared."

"It is clear to everyone that this content shouldn't be accessible to children," said Walsh, who called for the sex game to be pulled from the movie's website. "New Line Cinema, should be ashamed that it thought it could get away with this tactic, without being held accountable."

Now comes word from Minnesota T.V. station WCCO-4 that New Line Cinema, distributors of Running Scared, have acceded to NIMF's demand. The website for the film remains up, but the sultry interlude has been replaced with a driving skills game.

"We are very pleased that New Line Cinema has removed the pornography from the video game," Walsh said in a prepared statement. "However, we are still extremely concerned as to why an X-rated sexually explicit video game was used to promote an R-rated movie in the first place."

GP: The Running Scared online game was developed by Heavenspot, a web design studio based in Los Angeles. It is important to note that the game was in no way connected with what we generally consider the video game industry, nor was it subject to or submitted to the industry's ESRB rating system.

Tags: advergames, david walsh, heavenspot, nimf, running scared, sex in games
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