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Online Game Teaches Players How to Land a Job

Time to get out of your parents' basement?

The Middletown Journal (OH) offers "Nail the Interview," an online game available at the paper's website. Described as a cross between a video game and a marketing tool, the game leads players step-by-step through the process of landing a job.

Activities include selecting a resume, surviving an initial phone screening, two rounds of follow-up interviews and negotiating salary.

Over 22,000 players have taken advantage of the game since it launched last fall. The Journal's publisher, Cox Ohio Publishing, recently received a Digital Edge Award from the Newspaper Association of America's New Media Federation for making the innovative online resource available.

"We are thrilled to be recognized by our industry peers for our cutting edge work in online marketing, as well as our research efforts," said Kathy Kralovic, a Cox VP.

GP: I played "Nail the Interview" and can report that it's quite well done. The feedback could be a little more precise, but it is definitely a valuable tool for job-seekers. So how did I do? Let's just say I'm still working from my home office...

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