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School Shooting in Oregon

There is a report of a shooting at Roseburg High School in Oregon.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that a 16-year-old student shot one person and fled. He was arrested by police after holding his gun to his head.

No information on who was shot or what their condition is. No word on whether the shooter was a gamer.

GP: Lots of readers have questioned why we ran this story with no allegation at this point of a video game connection. Believe me, I wrestled with the same dilemma in deciding to go with it. Bottom line is that we know that critics have tried to create links to video games in past school shootings. It's likely they will do so here. Investigators will certainly work up a profile of the shooter, but that info isn't always released.

Personally, when I hear one of these stories I always cringe - and I would bet most readers do too - because I know what's coming: another round of blaming games. I don't believe that merely covering this story links it to games. In fact, it is expressly mentioned that there are no reported game links to the shooter right in the story.

Finally, we had the story pretty early on - before CNN and many other mainstream outlets. In any event I appreciate all of the viewpoints and will factor them into future decisions.

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