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Aloha Means Hello, Goodbye and... Video Game Legislation

If you're keeping score, add Hawaii to the list of states considering video game legislation.

Right now there are actually two bills working their way through the Hawaiian legislature. State senators are having a look at SB3204, while their counterparts in the house are reviewing HB2261.

Both versions are essentially the same bill, which would requires violent video games to be labeled and would prohibit their sale to minors. Violators are subject to fines of up to $1,000.

SB3204 was passed by the senate's Committee on Human Services on February 9th by a 4-0 vote. It's worth noting that the bill's sponsor, State Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland (left), chairs that committee. The measure has also been referred to the senate's Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs Committee.

HB2261 passed the house Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee by a 7-0 vote late last month. It has also been sent to the Judiciary Committee. A variety of state representatives are co-sponsoring the house bill. Full text of SB3204 is here. HB2261 is here. The Hawaii bills have also been added to the Legislation Tracker map.

GP: I just want to say for the record to GP correspondents Jabrwock and Andrew Eisen that if anyone simply must sacrifice and go to Hawaii to cover this story first-hand, it will be me... Hey, GP is a team player.

Tags: chun oakland, hawaii, legislation, violence
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