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North Carolina Video Game Bill Still in the Mix

GamePolitics has confirmed with the office of North Carolina State Senator Julia Boseman (left) that her proposed video game legislation is still alive.

The legislation would make it illegal to sell games deemed "harmful to minors." In addition, such games would need to be displayed in an area not accessible to minors. Information concerning game ratings would also need to be displayed.

Readers may recall that Boseman's proposal, SB2, was passed by North Carolina's Senate last April. The bill was subsequently referred to the state's House of Representatives but was stuck in committee when the 2005 legislative session ended.

However, as we've been told by a Boseman staffer, "The video cames bill, Senate Bill 2, is eligible for consideration during the 2006 session, having passed the Senate last year. It is in the House Judiciary I Committee, and Sen. Boseman expects it to be heard when the North Carolina General Assembly is back in session this year."

The 2006 Assembly session begins on May 9th - coincidentally, the week of the video game industry's E3 Expo.

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