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Concerned about the game... of life?

Hot on the heels of the Canadian Red Cross asking gaming companies to stop treating the "Geneva Cross" as if it were in the public domain, we have yet another story of trademark "borrowing."

ChatterBox Games Show reports receiving a pamphlet from the Crosswalk Lutheran Ministries in Phoenix, AZ. The pamphlet was advertising a "high-impact" series called "Life 360", and had a slightly modified version of the Xbox 360 logo. The program is divided into 4 steps, "Spirit, Heart, Body, and Mind" and says "Admit it - life is not always fun and games. Life is challenging and complicated. And you don't get to 're-start' at the push of a button... we get one shot at life, and then it's 'game-over.'"

The overall pamphlet design was also quite similar to a lot of the print-media Xbox 360 ads. The front page could easily be mistaken for an Xbox 360 ad were it not for the tiny "Crosswalk" logo in the corner.

J: As of the writing of this piece, the Crosswalk church has not yet responded to my query about whether they had spoken to Microsoft, or whether they felt that this falls under "fair use." I was also curious to know if they had considered other mainstream consoles.

I think this one is a little more clear-cut than the Red Cross issue. This isn't just using the logo within a game, historical context or otherwise. This is using someone else's logo, name, and ad campaign style to promote a series of lectures.


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