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"Flowers for Jack" Crosses Over to Mainstream Media

The Flowers for Jack movement has crossed over from an Internet-only phenomenon to coverage in the mainstream media.

GP takes note of Steve Tilley's coverage of FFJ yesterday in the Edmonton Sun. Tilley, who has sparred with Thompson before, wrote, in part:

"Saying anti-video game crusader and soundbite manufacturer Jack Thompson lacks a sense of humour is sort of like saying a snake comes up a little short in the limbs department..."

"The flower delivery to Thompson this week was accompanied by a heartfelt, intelligent and uncynical letter aimed at opening a channel of communication between the video gaming community and its most shrill critic."

"Thompson's response? Bile, spittle and the forwarding of the flowers to some of his most reviled industry foes...

The Miami New Times has a lengthy report on FFJ as well, including a comment from the man who puts the "J" in FFJ.

Tags: edmonton sun, ffj, flowers for jack, jack thompson
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