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Cops Say No Video Game Link in Robida Rampage

"Investigators have found no evidence that video games played any role in Jacob Robida's (seen at left) killing of Gassville Reserve Police Officer Jim Sell."

That's the word in today's Baxter Bulletin, an Arkansas newspaper.

Although Jack Thompson has been suggesting a link, Massachusetts prosecutor Paul Walsh says there is no evidence to support the claim.

"My look at the search warrant (for Robida's home) was that the investigators turned up no video games," Walsh told the Bulletin. "From the information we have here, there is no proof video games were involved."

UPDATE: The Boston Herald reports today on the Nazi literature and other items found in Robida's apartment. These include "The Turner Diaries," a book described by Robert Trestan, civil rights counsel of the Anti-Defamation League of New England as "a hard-core, neo-Nazi, racist, fictional account of white revolution in America. It's inspired people who have committed very, very violent acts, including Timothy McVeigh."

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